On Leaving & Being Left Behind

by Father Mountain

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driftwood kid
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driftwood kid Great punk/emo record with some purely genius hooks. Borrowed Sleep and Ladybird are both masterpieces. Here's to many more. Favorite track: Borrowed Sleep.
Vincent Gambina
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Vincent Gambina Great show in springs tonight!
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Slade Absolutely blew my mind! So much talent in this band. This is a gem for anyone looking for some fresh Emo tunes. Favorite track: Hope.
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released November 18, 2014

Produced by Zane Martin.
Cover illustration by Keri-Ann Heritage.



all rights reserved


Father Mountain Kentucky

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Track Name: On Leaving and Being Left Behind
Come kingdom come, there is work to be done
But my lips have grown quite tired of yours
Can you hold me close, close enough to bring excitement?
But I just keep denying the truth
That everything that terrifies me is coming true

Oh, I am not contained by the bondage I found in you
Oh, I will not resemble the words that he spoke in you

Will you hold me close, so that my breathing brings excitement?
As these images crossed your eyelids, you spoke
of how if kingdoms come, you won’t want to feel alone
but my heart is growing heavy from yours

Your teeth that night were sharpened by the bones in my sides
As apples fall from your eyes, yes you knew
this is the prelude to the end of me and you

Oh, I am not contained by the bondage I found in you
Oh, that sweet surrender of your tongue as it tightens the noose
Track Name: Bones
You know your bones are much bigger than his
It’s a twisted frame, it’s covered in loose skin
Your loose leaf paper never carried so much sin
It left you heavy

You see right through

Because I’ve grown tired of sleep
Now we’re growing restless and you say it’s inside of me
If you could see what my eyes have seen
It’s gonna leave you heavy

You see right through

You know love is not measured in time
Or the questions with no answers why
And you swear you felt this your whole life
You call us family

Your life is not measured by lines
Or the choices you paint cocaine white
But your bones were twisted, tangled in mine
When I gave you everything
Track Name: Hope
We're gonna take these torn and these tattered tongues
We're gonna tithe a tenth and take them to the tattered and lost

We're taking it full of blood.

My heart resembles your fathers hands
After seasons in a field, they're growing broken, callused and red.

We won't be enough to sustain winters long drain.

Don't you worry about me
cause' I'm getting everything I think I need.

But I lost hope.

My brains a wave on your crashing bow
These siren songs have been pulling at the mast for too long,
We're reduced by the haunting howl.

But don't you worry about me?
Cause' I'm getting everything I think i need.

No, you don't worry about me,
Cause' you have every one you think you will need.

Then I lost hope.

It left me with anger you would not believe
I'm laced with anguish that's ripping through trees
We use to have hope, but we lost it with ease.
Now, I am drowning in the salt you asked me to be

You use to have hope,
then you got me.
Track Name: Borrowed Sleep
They keep throwing these stones at my window to get my attention
and tell me that love is a choice
That’s fine if you choose to move on

Beggars hopeful for cups full of water to give to their daughters
‘Cause the drought leaves them thirsty for sin
We gave up when you chose to give in

So please don’t go to a place where sleep is not your own.
Please don’t go.

And now we’re left to gather brick upon mortar to stack them in order
And hope that we’ll hold up again
But these walls we keep building, they reach past our ceilings
We’re scared of what we’ll never know

Please don’t go to a place where sleep is not your own.
Please don’t go.

Cause you were someone I could trust, but it’s hard to believe you
When you mask out every word
Are you still afraid you might die alone?

You’re not your mom, you’re not your dad or the voice that deceives you
But mark my every word
These bones that keep breaking,
they’re constantly shaping the man that you would never know

Please don’t go to a place where sleep is not your own.
Please don’t go.

I’ll stay silent till the harvest comes.
Where every chance we plant is pointless and I’m the wicked one
In the summer, you learned to bite your tongue
But I must confess I’m still a mess
I was the snake in the garden

So why’d you have to go?
Was I alone in needing so much more?
There’s a science to your sleep that formulates this love diseased
And you’ve been wondering what for

So what’s this for?

I’ve been living on borrowed sleep

Does my name pass your lips as you busy yourself with his?
It’s been years.
We need to grow up.
Track Name: Ladybird
I pray that this won’t be the day
where you call me just to tell me
That all of this pain steals your breath away
When you ran away
What’s running anyway?

This can’t be the week
Where I’m found weak
Where I’m faking some smiles
And my cheeks are fatigued
Do I have the strength to speak
Is it weakness when you know you are weak?

This can’t be the month my tongues not strong
Just to find you weren't sleeping at all
We’re summarized by our springs and falls
We couldn’t get along
Please ask me to stay.

Ladybird, ladybird fly away home
Your house is on fire
Your children are gone

In a couple years I’ll pretend I’m okay
What’s a couple months of hurt anyway?
We’ve been running in circles trying to find who’s to blame
I guess silence is the answer
to "You wish I would stay"